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Touching the Light - dynamic landscape and light from Ken Scott Photography

Touching the Light - the other side of Ken Scott's photographic world

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Sarah Playforth - good friend and Equality Consultant from East Sussex.

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Brent Advocacy Concerns - Crippen's chosen beneficiary: for an equal and fair society where disabled people have the same opportunities, choices, and rights as non disabled people ... A society where we have choice and control over the way we live and the services we use ...

High Mountain Aid Peru - A unique aid project helping to bring aid and supplies to indigenous families in the Andes of Peru, preserving their ways of life and their communities. This aid project is run by Wither Avellaneda in Peru and by Meg Robinson from Alaczar in Andalucia, Spain.

Trek Aid Peru - the High Mountain Aid Peru project also supports Wither Avellaneda's eco trek venture, which brings supplies to the mountain communities in the Andes, and provides trekkers with an unforgettable cultural experience.