Welcome to Sox - alter-ego of Dave Lupton Cartoons

So What's New?

Sox Revamps

Not to be outdone by his esrtwhile partner in toon Crippen, who has his own domain!Link to www.rollingfruitbats.com, Sox has had a redesign of his own to bring him in line. Hope you like the new presentation.

New Projects

Martha VadarDave is currently working on a series of cartoons for a book that he and his wife Jeni are writing. The book is based upon their experiences whilst travelling in their motor home during 2003 to 2005.

Fortunately, most of their adventures were recorded in their on-line blog at the time, along with photo’s and some of Dave’s cartoons (see above). If you’re interested in learning more about their travels, you can visit the original blog on the Rollingfruitbats web siteLink to www.rollingfruitbats.com